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What can Hello Mindful do for you?

#1. Start your day like never before

Begin your day by taking a mindful moment and asking the question “What do I intend to accomplish today?” Jot down your answers in the Today Page in the Hello Mindful App.


Since 1993

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Since 1993

#2. Capture distractions so you can stay focused

When your mind wanders or you get interrupted, capture what's distracting you on the Capture Page in the Hello Mindful App so you can stay focused. 


Since 1993

#3. Sharpen your focus on the present 15 Minutes at a time

Make an intention for what you want to do during the next 15 minutes (or any time increment of your choosing), and do it! This will help you work assertively rather than reactively for a concrete amount of time.


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Since 1993

#4. Take mindful breaks throughout

A Mindful Break is a moment to recharge your mind and body so you can stay engaged and avoid burnout at work. Design your breaks and set reminders in the Mindful Breaks page.

Since 1993

#5. Collaborate mindfully with your team

Invite your team members to collaborate with you so you can respect each other's focused time and still communicate and manage urgent issues and questions when they come up.

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Since 1993

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