The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method (PDM) was in design for several years by Pierre Khawand (productivity and leadership thought leader and founder of People-OnTheGo). Khawand trains and coaches working professionals on how to navigate today’s fast-paced workplace and how to manage the constant interruptions and information overload that leaves professionals scattered and stressed. He draws from 15 years of experience and research in workplace productivity in creating this method.

The "analog" version of the method

The original “analog” version of the method, published in The Perfect 15-Minute Day book, used a journal and a timer to help take productivity and fulfillment to a whole new level. It received rave reviews by thought leaders and users alike.

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What thought leaders are saying about the method

David Sibbet

“Pierre Khawand demonstrates how simple visuals can not only help you navigate a 'perfect day' but also help him explain the concepts behind working in short, productive bursts of attention. His visual depiction of the Results Curve is, literally, eye opening. I love his argument for using paper journals to anchor your progress.”

-- David Sibbet, Bestselling Author, President and Founder, The Grove Consultants International

“The PDM approach helps me create a consistent structure and process for a multi-tasking, multi-lingual and multi-project work environment that often defies time zones. It is an easy method to integrate with my tools as I always carry a notebook for my ideas and thoughts throughout the day.”

-- Karina Jensen, Practice Director, Centre for Leadership and Effective Organizations, Professor, Global Innovation and Leadership, NEOMA Business School, France

Karina Jensen
Jenny Blake

"In a world saturated with inputs and information, we need something to clear the clutter and focus on what truly matters. Pierre's time-tested tactics will help you do just that, in short powerful bursts that add up to significant accomplishments. Read this book, practice the principles, and watch your work transform 15 minutes at a time."

-- Jenny Blake, author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters is Your Next One

"Behind every successful strategic plan is an intense focus on execution. The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method enables teams to reach their strategic goals 15 minutes at a time, providing individuals and organizations a competitive advantage in today's information deluge. In addition to step-by-step instructions, the book demonstrates how key elements of the method are supported by neuroscientific research. A must read for today’s executives and their teams to avoid scattered minds and execute to achieve their strategic goals.”

-- Adrian C. Ott, Award-Winning Author, The 24-Hour Customer, CEO Exponential Edge Inc.

Adrian Ott
Alicia Maher

“As a psychiatrist who specializes in treating ADHD, I know the importance of structure and the value of tools that can be used to create this structure. This book provides an excellent tool to structure one’s time. Unlike most books tackling time management issues, this book goes a step farther by addressing not just the mental, but also emotional factors affecting productivity. My ADHD patients often experience overwhelm with their to-do lists. This method gives a much needed structure to accomplish these tasks, in a manageable way.”

-- Alicia R. Maher, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist, Subspecialty Board Certified, Psychosomatic Medicine, Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine, Santa Monica, CA, UCLA School of Medicine Clinical Faculty


What users are saying about the method

Group of mixed people, women and men happy and surprised cheering expressing wow gesture

“[I] can finally remember what it is like to love my job again!”

--Rachel Ungar

“I became more mindful of what I was doing throughout the day without being a slave to the clock.”

-- Julie Meyer

“I became more aware of how I get distracted and learned some ways to limit the distractions and to resist the pull of e-mail.”

--Ann T.

“Big insights [from the method] were the value of making your to-do list and actions visible and becoming more aware of how much time things take to do.”

--Susan Templeton

“[The method] helped me prioritize and focus on the things I really wanted to get done.”

-- Audrey Plough

“[The method] provided me with great clarity on how I'm spending my time during the day and where I trip myself up."

– Amy Koh

“It is simple and direct enough to be useful all the time.”

–Rosanne Belpedio

“[One of the top three benefits of the method is] getting things done that I may have been procrastinating on.”

-- Jeff Fanselow

“[I gained] a sense of calm and control.”

--Katie Uckele