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Our Approach

Our Mission

We want to make one million people happier and more fulfilled at work so that they get one million people around them happier and more fulfilled and so these people continue the movement and all together we make the workplace more fulfilling and happier throughout!

Our Story

Our story at a glance

This method of mindfulness at work has been in design for several years by Pierre Khawand, productivity and leadership thought leader and founder of People-OnTheGo, and his team of creative and motivated professionals. Just last year Khawand released the “analog” version of the method, published as The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method (PDM). It received rave reviews. Users asked for a mobile version, so Khawand and team worked diligently on creating the Hello Mindful App for the Web, iOS, and Android, to broaden the reach of mindfulness at work.

Meet the Team

The Hello Mindful diverse team brings amazing experience and a great passion for productivity and mindfulness in the workplace and beyond!

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Pierre Khawand

Productivity and Leadership Evangelist

Sarah Tang 6

Sarah Tang

Research & Design Ninja

Christopher Kang 6

Chris Kang

Lead Developer

Anshul Koka 2

Anshul Koka

Technology Guru

Melissa Sweat

Melissa Sweat

Community Manager

Shannon Watson 6

Shannon Watson

Researcher and Writer

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